The 449 Club

Washington's Premier Alcohol-Free Dance and Social Club

            Welcome to The449Club 
       "Where the music comes first and
            the people keep coming back"

Hello Folks                                                                  

We want to introduce you to The449Club.                                                                  

The449Club is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization serving the alcohol-free community of the Greater Puget Sound, Snohomish and Everett, WA area.  We are a membership driven club and the annual membership dues are One Hundred/Fifty ($150.00) or Twelve/Fifty ($12.50) a month although you do not have to be a members to enjoy, participate of volunteers in any of our events.

 Our goal and purpose is to provide a safe, clean, fun, state-of- the art music and dance social club where people can come and listen to R&B, Top 40 music of today "Old School" and a variety of their favorite music by DJ or Live Bands, dance have a great time, meet people, have some good food, enjoy themselves without the booze.  The449Club also provides a karaoke venue, a mom's night out were mothers and fathers can bring their children to a dance and children can hang out on the dance floor or entertained themselves with other children in our kids center with videos, coloring books, toys and games.

The449Club believes that education is the key to survival and we would like to installed a Computer Learning Center where folks can come and do job hunting, resumes, e-mail check up,exploration of world resources, and social connection with the internet world 

We also provide a venue for private non-alcoholic parties, celebrations, social events and marriage/reception events. 

The449Club fosters an environment for fellowship and provide meeting space where people may hold meetings in accordance with (All)  12-steps programs and, the 12-Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are community based organization and believe in fellowship,education, spiritual support, social and entertainment opportunities for local artist. including poetry and book reading, plays, solo and group performances.

The449Club is an incorporated organization not owned by any 12-step group that may meet at the facility. In accordance with the Sixth Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous, these organizations do not finance, or lend their name to any related facility. We respect and abide by the Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Services. The449Club is also separate from treatment facilities, jails or other institutions, though; we at times do work in partnership. We ask that you passed along this information and post this flyer within your organization and to folks who may be looking for an alcohol free venue, to become a member, or want to volunteer at The449Club.

Regards and Thank you,

Coyle Jefferson II

CEO/President/The449 Club 



Saturday, May 15 at 8:00 PM - Sunday, May 16 12:30 PM
Saturday, May 15 at 8:00 PM - Sunday, May 16 12:30 PM

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